Friday, 5 February 2010

Lots of Catching Up....

I finally got around to having my kangaroo lasagna. I don't know what I was expecting. A stronger flavour...a different texture? I'm not sure. It just tasted like lasagna should. Red wine and spices hid any gamey flavour there might have been and we all enjoyed our meal. Pretty good for seven bucks a kilo!

I went out for lunch with 10 other mum's from school today. Ahhhh, the bliss of laughing and chatting and eating and laughing some more with good well as sharing our trials and sorrows. Yep, it was a lovely relaxing way to spend the day! I'll not need dinner tonight. I suspect that lasagna might make itself useful again tonight. Or maybe some other treasured leftover waiting for someone to find it in the fridge!

I received my enrolment forms from College to start my Certificate 4. I have received my Cert 3 and have the piece of paper....very pretty. I even got clever and managed to scan and email it to the business manager at school so I can get a pay rise. It wasn't even that hard, and the pay rise, as meager as it is, will be nice and fun!

Book club tonight. I'm so excited! We're chatting about 'Veiled Freedom' by Jeanette Windle. She's one of my many favourite authors. Her books are well researched and filled with all the elements that make a good me, anyway! Things like intrigue, drama, a little romance, fast pace and fantastic writing. We've emailed her our questions and I've been waiting with baited breath. Rel tells me they've been answered brilliantly.

I had the best moment this morning. A new student I'm working with this year has been a little edgy about venturing into the wide world of specialist classrooms. Since I was there for morning cuppa anyway I offered to go up to Art with the kids and hang about for 10 minutes. We bargained back and forth and I agreed to 13 minutes....he ended up getting his 15 minutes out of me. I'm too soft! I was ecstatic that he was engaged and content when I left. When I saw him after school he said he'd enjoyed the class and reckoned he'd had the best day all week today. YES!!!!! I love sharing those little steps and triumphs with kids who just need a little bit of support. I'm off to phone a good friend whose daughter is finding the adjustment from homeschool to 'regular' school a little bit more challenging than her siblings.


Jodie said...

Tracy, it was so lovely to all get together again today!! You guys really are a special bunch!
I just looked up Leanne Beasley's blog and I think you'd love it! Here's the address.
love you, Jodie.

Tracy said...

You're right ~ I love her blog. How cool to have such an amazingly creative person in our school community!

I realised yesterday how much I've missed all of you gals. Why did we not get together over the holidays??! Ohh....we were away at different times!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Sounds like a great day! Though I am sorry to hear that the kangaroo lasagna didn't taste more kangarooey. Congrats on the pay raise/rise, and on your success with your student. That's a great story. Tell your school to give you another raise--you deserve it!


p.s Still working on the yarn. Did you know that silk yarn takes forever to frog? I'm almost done, though. Can't wait to send it off to you ... so I never have to see it again. :)

Tracy said...

LOL Frances. I know I'm going to love seeing it!

Rel said...

Well, did Jeanette answer brilliantly????

Was good to be back at Book Club, although I'm thinking we are in for an interesting year!!!!

Tracy said...

Brilliantly, fabulously ...verbosely! I loved her answers. It's always a little bit thrilling when authors answer the questions you've submitted and I was absolutely not disappointed at all. It was such a highlight.