Sunday, 18 October 2009

This Week's Menu Plan

It seems that my change of day to post my menu plan has thrown me. I only realised late this morning that I'd neglected to do it this week! So before I forget again, here's the plan:

Friday: Miss Sunshine's chicken & rice noodle stir fry
Saturday: Lamb roast, vegies, sticky date pudding
Sunday: Homemade pizza ~ bacon & pineapple; onion, garlic & potato with a wheat free base for two of us
Monday: Soup?
Tuesday: Forbidden City Chicken, vegies
Wednesday: Pork meatloaf, vegies
Thursday: Singapore Noodles

Can you tell we had visitors for tea on Saturday ~ dessert doesn't usually happen at our place unless there's a special reason!!!!

I have a new recipe for falafels, which I am going to have to post. It is far superior to the recipe I have used in the past. I made a batch today for lunch...and lunches during this week. None of my family are thrilled with falafels, but I adore them so having them for lunch means they stretch out over a few days and no one else is going to complain at me.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'd love a good falafel recipe, so please do post yours! And I love the recipe name "Forbidden City Chicken"! It sounds so tempting ...


Tracy said...

LOL Frances. It does sound like there's some mystique attached to it doesn't it?! Strangely I've not posted that recipe either so I'll rectify that soon.