Monday, 12 October 2009

Beware The Summer

I'm feeling a little bit cranky about all the bushfire warnings that have started already via a government advertising campaign. I'm cranky because I think that the current approach to fire safety is a lot of media and government hype. Last year, no doubt, made a lot of people rethink their fire plan...and with good reason. But must we hype things up into a fear-frenzy in the process?

I live in a high fire-prone area. This is a threat that we take seriously each and every summer. Not just because all of a sudden the government says we should. We have a fire plan and we know the five routes we can take away from home, depending on which way a fire might be coming from. We're as prepared as we can be. Having the Premier and the media going on and on about the upcoming summer simply makes people afraid. Afraid to live in their own homes and carry on their normal lives.

We have a early warning messaging system up and running now. Let's just leave it at that and stop the scaremongering. Those of us who live in fire-prone areas are quite sufficiently aware without people in high places trying to scare our children out of their wits and unsettle us in the process.

Cry wolf too many times, and the community will begin to roll their eyes and ignore the powers that be. Is that not more of a danger than allowing people to sensibly respond to the situations that might arise this summer? Put the advertising money into educating those of us who require them, to prepare well thought out fire plans and then let us live the way we always have. Being aware and sensible!


Joy McD said...

I agree wholeheartedly - nothing more to add.

Crunchie's Mum said...

I also agree and I live in a high fire danger area. We have always prepared our property each summer, I admit we have been a little more zealous about it this year after last summer BUT enough already. Those that are sensible will always prepare and those that are not will not no matter how much advertising you do. Already you can drive down the street and see who has made an effort and who will lose their home in a fire.

The most frustrating are those residents who just shrug their shoulders and say "if a fire comes we will leave". What if you can't? A bit of basic preparation would go a long way. Sure, plan to leave but realize that you may not be able to so have a back up plan.


Jodie said...

Completely agree with you Tracy!! I can't stand the fear mongering.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Not the bushfires again! Is this an every year sort of thing? Last year was pretty awful, as I remember.

But, yes, it drives me crazy the way approaching storms are handled here, especially during hurricane season, when they start watching storms that are brewing thousands of miles away. It's too much stress.

belinda said...

I guess it is lucky that I stay as far away from mainstream media sources as I can get. That really would have me angry.

I don't even want to think what that type of bombardment will be doing to the people who got burnt out last year.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

So nice to know I'm not the only one!!!!!

Frances, every summer here is hot and dry and bushfires are always a threat in some areas over summer ~ like mine! The official bushfire season starts in a few weeks, hence the ad campaign.