Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I did it! I have finally mailed off the last of my College subjects and my practical placement information today. The package was triumphantly placed in the mail tray in the office at school and I declared myself no longer a student. The Head of Secondary grinned a little grin at my excitement. The receptionist said "well done"...and I went to have my recess LOL.

My provisional results so far are all 'competent' and they are just waiting for corroboration from the practical placement information I've returned and a conversation with the Prep teacher I work with.

I'm still tossing about the possibility of doing a little bit more. I've just completed Certificate 3 level and there's a Cert 4 and Diploma I could still do....all via external study. So far, the school has paid for it. I'm just not sure. Maybe I'll wait and see how I did first. 'Competent' doesn't really tell you how well you've done...just that you're done.


belinda said...

Congratulations on finishing.

Personally I find pass/fail marking rather frustrating as well. I understand it is easier for the marking staff to just give a yes or no but it gives so little useful information to the student. I personally feel it doesn't respect the amount of time and effort expended to produce the work.

Good Luck with your contemplations about going forward. I am sure the direction will come to you.

Kind Regards

Kez said...


Joy McD said...

Yay! Well done!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Yay! Congratulations, Tracy! Oh, but that "competent"--it hardly says enough, does it? Still, you must be so proud, and I'm proud of you, too!


Tracy said...

There is a column in the online Student Portal with a place for a % mark. I'm hoping that will come through fairly soon. I'll certainly keep on checking!!!!! It should get marked within the next two weeks.