Tuesday, 13 October 2009

9 in 9

This was an agenda item for our staff meeting this afternoon. We sat there before the meeting pondering what '9 in 9' might be. As it happened, we were asked to think of 9 things we were thankful for in 2009. My list looked like this:
  1. Recent 'girls' weekend away.
  2. Our family camping trips.
  3. Celebrating birthdays ~ we earned ourselves a 13yo this year!
  4. Having my days at school increased from 1/week to 4/week.
  5. Working with my Prep and Yr 3 boys.
  6. Reading LOTS of books...many of them freebies :)
  7. Facilitating 'Starting Points'. I'm loving the current group a lot.
  8. Watching 'Home Improvement' DVD's with Mr Busy.
  9. Being involved in worship/music team at church.
Then we were asked why. Why indeed!!!!! My only somewhat less-than-brilliant response was because some of those things feed me and give me joy. Some of those things are situations where I am able to give out of my skills and gifts and leaves me feeling very satisfied.

As well as things that have given me joy this year, I'm excited about next year. There are some good things happening.

For right now I'm just praying that my Prep student's parents will continue to value sending him to school for the remainder of the year. We started a new schedule this term and it seems to have thrown him a little. I hope it all settles down and he remembers that school is fun. He surely does have fun when he's there!


Rel said...

Hey Trac :) Glad to see we pinched the number one spot - LOL!!

You have a way with words, you know. Must get more books to you - hehehe!!

Tracy said...

Of course our weekend pinched first spot. It is the absolute personal highlight of my year.

I've just finished a book so a review will be coming your way as soon as I can get to it. I'm on a tight schedule with Michal ~ 100 pages a day between now and Friday LOL.