Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Depths of Boyhood Despair

Mr Busy came to me on Sunday night in floods of little-boy tears. "Mum" sob, sob, sob "My high hat pedal is bro-sob-ken". The way he said, you'd think that high hat pedal was a goner, never to be repaired. His happy little world of bliss had certainly come crashing down on him!

Mr Busy was not easily persuaded that the pedal could be repaired and was not so keen to wait a day or maybe two! He spent quite some time bouncing like a ping-pong ball between the two of us, desperate for someone to phone his drum teacher and find out what to do. He was finally placated when I emailed his teacher's contact details to Dh's work so that he could make the arrangements first thing Monday. After all, if Daddy doesn't like people phoning him on a Sunday about work, then why would other people?

By Monday evening Mr Busy had a repaired pedal, had his drums tuned (did you know they needed tuning?!) and had caught up on a lesson as well.

The arm injury sustained while driving a little motorised buggy at his friend's place on Friday night didn't stop him one bit.... funny that! I don't suppose it is broken after all.

Mr Busy is back up on the moutain top in his life.


belinda said...


Glad his world is looking better again..

Kind Regards
(no I didn't realise you "tuned" drums)

Jodie said...

Little boys and patience!! Nicky had saved up enough money to buy a Beanie Kid he had been wanting last Saturday. We went to Emerald to get it but found I had left my purse at home!! Poor thing, he had to wait till Monday after school but he did very well. I was proud!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Did not know drums needed tuning--go figure! Oh, it's hard to be a boy with broken drums, but I think you all taught a good lesson by not bothering the teacher on Sunday. If only everyone were so thoughtful!


Tracy said...

Yeah...this you learn when you're self employed! Wish the 13yo would take the Sunday rest thing on board in relation to homework!

Mr Busy has now lost the chair he was using...which is Miss Sunshine's. Another thing to sort out for him LOL.