Thursday, 22 October 2009

'A Slow Burn' by Mary E DeMuth

Rel has posted my review for 'A Slow Burn', which you will find here. As I reread my review I was reminded again how my heart ached for the characters in this book. Mary E DeMuth is a brilliant author. She addresses difficult, heartbreaking issues in a perfect mix of brutal honesty tempered with delicate care.

I have to warn you, your heart will break and you will cry buckets, but this is a book that should not be shied away from. It's one of those ones that will stay with you for a very, very long time. And I can't wait for the third book in this trilogy to be released. Mary has assured me there are good things ahead for Emory.

Tonight I'll go to bed smiling in anticipation for her.


CĂ­ntia Mara said...

Unhappily, I didn't like this book as you. I couldn't finish it, I think it is very very slow :(

Tracy said...

Hi Cintia. Thanks for posting your comment!

I found it a tough read ~ no doubt about it. But worthwhile and substantial...requiring the reading of light fluffy stuff afterwards in order to recover.

I hope you found something you enjoyed reading instead.