Friday, 9 October 2009

Menu Plan and Other Stuff

I think it's OK to talk about what happened the other day, now. I didn't want to say much lest the news be somewhat private...but it's not. My Prep student's family will be moving to Darwin at the end of the year. That has some huge implications for me and, as a result, our family. We'd started to dream dreams that had previously been impossible. I've loved being so involved at school, even when my job has been more challenging that I ever though imaginable. Even on those days, I love just being at school. I feel sadder than anything about not having the opportunity to work in MrsB's Prep classroom next year. I love Prep and I love working with MrsB. So I grieved and cried and now I'm back to being more philosophical about the whole thing....even though 3 out of my 4 days of work will fly off to the far north!

I had lunch with a fellow non-teaching staff member today and she asked what my favourite thing to do would that my options are wide open. I think working as a general classroom assistant for 3 days a week in lower primary would be the best job ever. In fact, keep me in Prep and I'd be like a pig in mud. What a shame the school does not have the funds to indulge me! Truth is, I actually have skills now, that I've worked hard to learn and build. I find it hard to believe that God would develop in me a passion for education, drop a job in my lap, show me the way to become qualified that works with my schedule and family and then say "nah, let's not do that after all". So I'm claiming all those promises that tell us to ask for whatever it is we want, in God's name, and the desires of our heart will be granted according to His will. I'm not above being specific with God!!!!! Another friend suggested I could work in another school. Technically, yes I could. Practically there's no way I can see that it would work. I have three children who need me to be the one who is available for their needs.

So there you have it...that's what has dominated my week quite significantly!

The other thing that dominates our week is food. Are you surprised?! Here's the plan:

Friday: Pork Roast, vegies
Saturday: No idea...maybe the three of us left at home will eat out :)
Sunday: Potato & Corn Chowder
Monday: Spicy Pork Spare Ribs, rice, stir fried vegies
Tuesday: Ricotta Fritters, baked potato, vegies
Wednesday: Chicken Parmigana, vegies
Thursday: Pasta Bolognaise

Actually, I can tell you know we're not having pork roast tonight. Maybe I'll swap that one with Sunday. I have a parent/teacher interview to attend with my Prep student's parents and I've got to be out the door by 6.15pm with a little bit of preparation to do for the parenting session I'm running tonight. Now that I think of it, I think Dh has to have the girls dropped off at 6.00pm to go to camp this weekend with their Girls Brigade Company! Uh oh!!!!!! Dinner is sounding like a pipe dream LOL.


belinda said...

It is wonderful that you love what you are doing that much. Good luck with your asking, it sounds as if you will cherish the opportunity if it is given.

Kind Regards

Rel said...

Praying for you, Trac.

Joy McD said...

God has it all under control...I know it is hard to see at the time, but nothing is ever wasted, and God has you where you are for a reason.. just keep trusting,

Chookie said...

Perhaps a student with similar needs will enrol next year? We'll have to wait and see.

Jodie said...

Sorry if I sounded like a "know it all" today re your news. It didn't come out right when I said that I found out earlier and I felt embarrassed!!

Kez said...

I hope a fabulous new opportunity falls into your lap!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Tracy, Something good--something even better--will come out of this. God won't let you down!


Tracy said...

Thank you ladies. I deeply appreciate your support and chin-up encouragement.

Oh Jodie ~ don't think another thing about it!!!! It never even entered my head that you were being any of those things! By Friday I knew that the news would have filtered around the school and into the families whose children share classes with them. In fact, knowing you knew made me comfortable posting about it. So let it go...I never even grabbed onto it!