Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Elusive Weekly Menu Plan

I've done it again, haven't I?! In my defense, yesterday was a busy day!!!! I had a total of two hours at home in the afternoon....not enough time to keep all my wits about me, I can assure you.

And even today...I remembered about posting my menu plan as I was on my way to spend the morning at a friend's place. She had a little girl from our Prep class staying last night and through until late this afternoon. Their family is again dealing with a pretty big health issue and so my friend asked if we could come and spend some time giving some joy to this precious little girl who is all pink and piggy tails and the most adorable little person, inside and out.

As it turns out, Miss Sunshine is the only one home this morning ~ the other two are at a sleepover and a camp. So Miss Sunshine and I headed off with a recipe and ingredients to make Hummingbird Muffins with Miss Adorable. Miss Sunshine took the lead as the two of them measured and mixed together. Once they were in the oven I believe an indoor cubbyhouse was created and some sandpit playing ensued once their indoor creation was complete.

Miss Sunshine says she enjoyed this morning much more than she thought she would. I knew she'd have a great time. I wish I knew Miss Adorable's parents better than a fleeting recognition. Miss Adorable would be more than welcome to spend days on end with us if it were necessary.

So....after that convoluted little journey, the menu plan:

Friday: Nachos
Saturday: Pasta with Bacon & Mushrooms
Sunday: Lamb Moussaka, vegies
Monday: Apricot Chicken, mashed potatoes, vegies
Tuesday: Pork Meatloaf, vegies (a holdover from last week)
Wednesday: Singapore Noodles (another holdover)
Thursday: Crockpot...something or other chicken. Maybe Cacciatore.

I'll get things organised for Miss Sunshine to cook tonight....I'm going to have dinner with my girlfriends before going to see 'Julie & Julia'.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

When you make nachos, do you serve them with meat? Here nachos are more of an appetizer, but if I could promote them to dinner, my boys would love it!


Tracy said...

Oh yes, we do it with meat. Actually it's more like tacos...except that I can't stand the mess of tacos, so we do it over corn chips....hence, it becomes nachos.

If you want to know what I do, my recipe and instructions are here:

Or click on the Taco Seasoning Mix link on my sidebar.