Monday, 10 November 2008

What's for Dinner Mum?

Good question! One I wondered about myself, as I was getting up. I have my parents coming to stay for a few days to do some babysitting for us. When they come I like to make meals that are a little bit on the nice side of normal. Dad adores Shepherd's Pie and it's the only way I can come and 'mince and mashed potatoes'. His idea for that gives me the heebie jeebies! Otherwise, I like to spoil them....Mum always gushes over a meal she hasn't prepared that has a tad more flavour than Dad will appreciate. Although he's always got bright shiny eyes that say the meal was pretty exciting, too.

Monday: Roast Pork (carry over from last week)
Tuesday: Meatball Stroganoff, wholemeal pasta
Wednesday: Pork Chops with apple & celery
Thursday: Shepherd's Pie
Friday: Honey Soy Chicken, stir fried vegies, brown rice
Saturday: Bacon wrapped chicken, roast spuds, vegies
Sunday: Homemade Pizza a la Miss Sunshine

And then Mum gets cranky if I get to the dishes before she does. I love my dish fairy!

Now, off to get some lunches happening for the kids, and pumpkin soup for mine. I think I'll stay on at school after lunch and get some Year 6 Graduation jobs done.


Felicity said...

And here I am thinking that your menu looks extremely yummy! :)

PS: You're welcome at my table any time.

Tracy said...

The grass is always greener.....

I love seafood so I'm always going to think that sounds better than minced beef or pork chops!!!!