Monday, 17 November 2008

Sunny Monday Menu Planning

You realise how unimaginative you are when you get to 2pm and still haven't finalised the week's meals. I'm feeling very ho-hum and seem to have come to a bit of a road block. I've gotten through Monday-Sunday but I shop from Wednesday-Wednesday. Ugh. Despite what I've got written in squares, things will get swapped about a bit this week...the roast will happen before Friday!

Monday: Roast Chicken, vegies
Tuesday: Pork & Feta Patties, wedges, salad
Wednesday: Baked Gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce
Thursday: Singapore Noodles
Friday: Wraps (l/o chicken), salad
Saturday: Crumbed Chicken with cranberry sauce, vegies
Sunday: Quiche, wedges, salad

Deep breath.....I'm off to remove some tasks from my to-do list!

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Sometimes planning the weekly menu is my most uninspired time of the week! I love those weeks when I realize we haven't had spaghetti in awhile, or Cobb Salad, or the other family faves that are easy and cheap to make. Of course, the following week is a totally drag, when I really have to dig stuff out of the cookbook!