Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I have a full on day ahead, but just had to take a moment to say that the review is up at Christian Fiction Online Magazine here on their 'reviewers corner' page. I find it incredibly amusing that the link address says 'best reviewer'. But oh my how I loved 'The Moon in the Mango Tree'. It was such a touching tale and has stayed with me.

The other tidbit, thanks to Rel....Camembert cheese with a little dried apricot on top. Not the cheap Turkish whole dried apricots, but the halves, with the more intense flavour. Mmmmmmm YUM. Oh yes, I think that one's a keeper!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

What a wonderful review, Tracy! You did a fantastic job of describing the plot so that I really want to read the book. I've shied away from Christian fiction over the years because I've feared that it would be mostly idealized versions of people's faith, but this sounds like a book where the author is willing to tackle honestly the difficulties that face us as Christians when we're placed in difficult circumstances. I'll give it a go!


Tracy said...

Thank you Frances. Coming from an author that is very humbling praise!

I think you'll find that Christian fiction has come a long way. Yes, there is usually (not always) a faith story involved, but the issues tackled are more likely to be real and sometimes confronting.

Lisa Samson has written 'Club Sandwich' and 'Embrace Me'. Both stand out as ones that required some deeper thought on my part. Charles Martin's 'When Crickets Cry' remains a stand out favourite. Erynn Mangum writes more light hearted and laugh-out-loud chick lit. Lisa McKay's 'My Hands Came Away Red' is very real and keeps you hanging on til the last page, about a missions trip. Francine Rivers' 'And the Shofar Blew' and 'Atonement Child' are also well written thought provokers.

Delve in Frances....have a trip around Relz Reviewz. She has reviewed all kinds of authors and genres. If you don't find something you love in Christian fiction I would be very surprised.

Rel said...

So well deserved, Trac! I feel like a proud mum - LOL!