Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Weapon

No, this isn't a post about children waging war on each other...or about me waging war on whatever issue it is with the kids that needs to be addressed (although, there are some of those, definitely!).

We're heading into early summer next week. Somehow or another, every year from now until at least Christmas tummy bugs seem to do the rounds. At school, at church...around the entire city of Melbourne, it seems. One year we were even afflicted, despite our lack of contact with anyone!!!!! I've already heard reports at school about kids not being well....and I've been known to tell teachers that they need to keep those kids way away from mine. Indeed, two years ago I told Mr Busy's entire class to stay away from him if they're not well. They think I'm funny. They have no idea how serious I am. I hate tummy bugs. I find the symptoms very traumatic. When the kids are in the midst of symptoms they're on their own. Here's your bucket. Empty it there, rinse and sterilise it there. Don't come to me or I'll join you and that wouldn't be pretty. It's the only time I am seen armed with a spray bottle of bleach, killing germs on every light switch, door handle and tap we own. I never sterilised my kids dummies and bottles the way I do when gastro is around!

A couple of weeks ago Mum was telling me what a fellow missionary family did to repel these tummy bugs when we lived in PNG. Why they didn't tell us this in our first year I'll never know! We all spent so much time in the bathroom it wasn't funny!

Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a class of water. You can drink that once a day, or just when you start to feel a little bit iffy. These friends are adamant that they rarely suffer from tummy bugs. I'm adding the ACV to my shopping list!!!!!

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Tracy said...

Such an easy tip~ thanks!