Friday, 14 November 2008

Gob Smacked

I had a whole post relating completely to Frances and not keeping up with lots of things. However, something far more exciting has come up!

We had our school association EGM dinner last night. Right at the end the Chairman of the Board presented five certificates of appreciation for a few of the people who have 'gone above and beyond in their sacrifice of time to the school'. The Head of Secondary and Community Relations Officer both got one, the head of the catering team and the parent who spearheaded our Trivia Night both got one....and me! My completely selfish desire to be involved in my kid's education has earned appreciation from the board chairman and the Principal. I feel a bit like people who say they feel guilty for getting paid to do something that doesn't feel like work to them!

It seems I'm quite the topic of conversation amongst the school leadership. That's what happens when you work in the classroom of the Head of Primary, and did I know this was happening, she asks? No I didn't!!!! Time will tell the result of all those conversations!


Rel said...

Go girl! Well deserved, I'm sure :)

Tracy said...

They're pretty easy to please, I'm thinking.

Cathy said...

Hello Tracy
Congratulations, obviously you shone in their eyes:)
Take care

Tracy said...


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! You deserve it Tracy! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Congratulations! You really do deserve this, Tracy; you do so much in your kids' classrooms. They say what makes a great school is parental involvement. I'm so glad all your work has been appreciated!


Dianne said...

Congratulations, Tracy! I'm sure that it was very well deserved award! You go, girl!