Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have seven children in my house as I type. My own three are very very tired.....and they treat the four 'visitors' like family, literally. Technically, the four are related in a very distant way, so the fullness of their relationship is valid, I suppose. The children make it seem much closer LOL I had decided that no one should experience my children today, rejecting the whiney "can we go to Uncle W's place????". Too little sleep makes for very nasty little people. I had a nap to escape them this afternoon. Didn't work for them, but it worked perfectly for me! Time will tell as to whether they need space from one another!


Earlier in the week I joined the Prep-Two's for an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary. It's a wildlife park for Aussie native animals. We had a fabulous and tiring day. The only disappointment is that the Tassie Devils were asleep...."but they're awake in the day time in Tasmania". Well kids, I think they're noctural unless someone is poking them. They wouldn't believe me, and the Devils slept on. Eight years olds know far more than a Mum after all ~ proof before them or not.

The highlight for me required nerves of steel, but so worthwhile. The Birds of Prey display is spectacular. Showcasing four native raptors in live flight, the attendants had them flying right over our heads. It takes quite a bit of resolve to have a wedge-tailed eagle fly inches above your head without ducking...but I managed it! The lower you duck the lower they fly, apparently. By far the most thrilling though, was watching one of the birds crack open a fake emu egg with a stone. Very clever bird, that one!

It's been about eight or nine years since I last went to the Sanctuary. It was far more interesting to me, not being 30 something weeks pregnant. I didn't spend the day desperately looking for somewhere to sit down this time! If you're ever looking for something to do not so far out of Melbourne, go and spend some time there. It is up close and personal and there are times scheduled throughout the park with different animals to meet the keepers and touch some of the a lace monitor! There is also an animal hospital where you can watch any operations being performed. My little group of kids wasn't interested in that so we raced on! Oh, and watch the ibis's...they're an opportunistic thieving bunch of birds who will snatch your lunch out of your hand if you're not careful.


Tracy said...

Ahhh yes, overtired kids...

Sounds like a fun field trip, Tracy. I love the zoo or wildlife sanctuaries. So educational and fun at the same time!

Tracy said...

At the Melbourne Zoo they let parent helpers into the education centre. Now that is a fantastic thing to do. There's things on excursions with schools that just don't happen when you wander in yourself.