Sunday, 16 November 2008

Deep Satisfying Breath

It seems that the last few days have been somewhat of a blur when I realise I've not posted! My parents have been here, pulling my attention away from all the normal things I might otherwise be doing. Not because they are demanding, but because time spent with them is precious and far too infrequent. We've had a couple of occasions requiring babysitting, so they graciously acquiesced while finding a way for Mum not to miss her craft group in the middle of it all.

My dress remains on the still nameless model....must find that baby name book! My Courthouse Steps are at a standstill, my handsewing is untouched. However, I did manage to send in a book review just barely on time and I am relieved to have been able to honour that commitment. I've also managed to get some walking in, so I'll be relieved to report to my health care providers that I've succeeded in that commitment too!

Here's hoping some more dressmaking makes its way into my life this week!

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