Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Rain Came Down...

There was a song we sang in Sunday School about the wise man and the foolish man building their houses. Fortunately, there is rarely flooding in Our Town. Living in the hills means that unless you're at the bottom a valley or gully you have nothing to worry about.

I woke this morning thinking to walk, but the sound of pitter pattering on the roof had me snuggling back into warm blankets. It has been pouring and hailing this morning. There will be no gardening today, or walking. I think perhaps it might be a day to get the weights our ~ right next to a heater vent! And then I think 'Match Point' by Erynn Mangum will be my aim for the day. I giggled myself to sleep last night!


Miss Sunshine and I have been successful. I took her to one of the big shopping centres just down the hill to search out a suitable graduation dress. Her primary school graduation night is just around the corner and one must be suitably attired....especially when she must give a speech before all those parents! After two hours of walking (and stopping to eat dinner!) we returned to a store we had noted earlier, and tried on The Dress. Oh the beaming shine of pure joy on her face. This was it. We came home and enjoyed a cup of tea to reward ourselves ~ hers green, mine fully loaded with caffeine!

Miss Mischief's disappointment at being left with 'the boys' was assuaged with the promise of preparing dinner. I had planned a simple meal for last night and she was able to take over beautifully. All of a sudden she was not left at home, but the one who would ensure family members were cared for. She even made coconut bread, the kitchen was cleaned up and I returned to home to a little girl who shone with pride in herself and her accomplishments.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

What a great idea, giving Miss Mischief dinner to make. I know she must have been so pleased with herself to be such a big help.


Tracy said...

She was fantastic. Dh said dinner was really nice so it must've passed muster all round.