Saturday, 29 November 2008

"I Hate Walking..."

Mr Busy and I had a funny little conversation the other often happens with Mr Busy. This time his teacher was in stitches too....and the art teacher!!!!!

Mr Busy had fallen off the flying fox and hurt himself just above one hip, so he came over (this was at the end of school...we were waiting for the girls to come down to the car park) and I gave him a cuddle and this was the conversation that ensued:

Mr Busy: Mum, I don't think I can go to school tomorrow (sob, sob)
Me: Really mate? Why is that?
Mr Busy: (sob, sob) Because, (sob) I can't run.
Me: I don't know buddy, I reckon you can go to school even if you can' can walk
Mr Busy: But I hate walking (wail, sob)

Mrs C & I were, at that point, trying not to laugh. So we get in the car and they've all got their seat belts on....

Mr Busy: Mum, I think my back is broken
Me: No son, your back is absolutely not broken. You would not be walking if it was.

Well...he went to school the next day and told his teacher how he'd nearly broken his back on the flying fox. I told her the rest of the story and she laughed....a lot!

Next day, he was back on that evil flying fox, giving it a run for its money!


We have our class info for next year. A very exciting day as all the kids in the car park came down the hill waving envelopes addressed to Mum and Dad and ripping them open!!!!! None of us can wait ~ we love this day. And then the kids begin ... "which class are you in...." With composites all the way through to Year 8, it's always fun to see who you'll have in your class this time.

Mr Busy is in a straight Year 3 (first time ever, this has happened) with the two teachers who will be taking that class ~ he is ecstatic. Mrs R will have taken all three of our children after next year. He loves her.

Miss Mischief will remain right where she is. She is very is her teacher, she keeps me for another year too.

Miss Sunshine has a new teacher...the daughter of our secondary art teacher. She is oh so excited. Particularly to have avoided having the other teacher who will be taking Yr 7/8's for home room. Dh is over the moon too!


The Tin House said...

Tracy, I think it's wonderful that the kids find out now whose class they're in next year. Thomas won't know who his teacher or classmates are until day 1, 2009!

Lisa x

Tracy said...

I agree Lisa. I think it would be excruciating to wait that long to find out...and what if you had really serious problems with the class allocations?

We have Orientation Day on Monday, where the entire school spends the afternoon in their new classrooms with their teacher for next year and all the new kids coming into the school come then they meet their new classmates and teachers. Our kids look forward to this day for the whole of Term 4.