Thursday, 6 November 2008

At the Courthouse

Not literally of course, for me at least. No, my Block of the Month Class last night has given me a new use for photocopy paper :) Courthouse Steps.

The picture above is the block I started last night. On the back are lines that you stitch on, and when you flip it over, this is the result. Like magic! All you need is a sewing machine, lots of 1.5 inch strips and a really good light to hold it up and see if the fabric is in the right spot!

The 'girls' tell me you can use the same pattern to do Log Cabin blocks as well. You just go round in circles instead of opposite sides. I'm off to cut some 'light' strips. All the strips I cut last night seem to be 'dark'. And a trip to the photocopier might do me copy more 'patterns' so I can just keep on going.


Tina ♥ said...

I really do admire your handiwork...I don't have the patience for's not the sewing, but the cutting out...ugh. I take my hat off to you! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I like this pattern a lot, and the photocopy paper idea is brilliant. I'm going to try it sometime.

Will you be putting all your blocks of the month together into one big piece, or is each one the start of its own quilt?


Tracy said...

This link is a terrible photo, but you will see what the finished quilt will kind of look like here:
Of course, mine will have a completely different look because my fabric is all thimbleberries and reproductions.

Tina, you'd love Courthouse Steps or Log Cabin then ~ 1.5 inch strips is all you need to cut. I agree with you though...I hate the cutting out too. I just want to sew!