Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Slow Starts and Busy Days

I had the strangest start to today....I got up and got started....and then went back to sleep around 8.00am. The kids were most surprised to see me still in bed at 9am. Too bad they couldn't see that I was dressed for the day LOL.

I've a busy day ahead. A day that will include cooking, cleaning, baking, and preparing for next week. I may even get a load of laundry washed and my own hand. Dh does all our laundry, usually, but I'm pretty sure the children and I will manage just fine. And there's time yet for him to fit another load in before the weekend. He starts to prowl the house looking for something to wash if he doesn't get to do some for more than a week.

So...time to really get started. We've got friends coming for dinner and the little boy I work with in Mr Busy's class is coming by to drop off something for Mr Busy later today as well.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

My little simple joy for today: My SIL dug up some oregano out of her flourishing garden for me, and this morning I got it planted. It wasn't looking too happy, but it was still green! I've been wanting oregano and my last little plant was killed along with the nearby weeds.


Anonymous said...

Phew, you do sound busy girl! I hope you get the chance to get your feet up soon! xx

Rel said...

Missing you already!

Tracy said...

LOL Tina...very late on Saturday, I believe will be my opportunity to sit down and relax.

Me too Rel. Will miss you tomorrow at church, and weriously wish we were holiday with you guys!!!!