Thursday, 31 December 2009

Holiday Tips for Hi-Tech Campers

One of the ways we keep our family holidays affordable is to camp. For us, that means hooking up our caravan and settling at various caravan parks. After all, hot showers and flushing loo's make life that much more enjoyable. Over the years they’ve ranged in comfort from bare necessities to beautiful grassed sites and plenty of amenities….like a swimming pool only 3 sites from our van. Perfect!
We also cook for ourselves. As much as the idea of not cooking is somewhat appealing, at some point we would tire of it. And we'd become quite plump, I suspect. And we'd have to mortgage the house to feed our lot....hungry monsters that they are. Besides, we are able to enjoy lots of barbecue's, eat outside, have our normal wide variety of meals. Remind me again why eating out is so appealing?
To this end, I usually pack myself a clutch of cookbooks that I simply cannot do without. This year, I’ve had myself a light bulb moment. We always take the laptop away with us so that the kids can watch movies during inclement weather or rare moments of boredom,....or rare moments of illness. Why not put my recipes on the laptop too? So I’ve been digging around and going through past menu plans for what we’ve eaten on our holidays in years gone past and begun putting together a holiday recipe file.
No more excess packing for me. No…I’ll save my book space for more important things. Like novels. I have 12 on my holiday stack!!!!


Rel said...

Enjoy the reading, my friend! I have a whole drawer full of books ready to take - I think I might be dreaming, though ;-)

cinnamonwhirls said...

*sigh* sounds idyllic. Can I come with you next time? xx

Tracy said...

I didn't get through 12 Rel...but I got into the 9th before we left!

Tina, the great thing about camping is that there's always room!