Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Menu Planning

Ugh..It's Tuesday!!!! I got carried away preparing my next quilt block for the embroidery and forgot to get back here to post my menu plan. You know, because someone in the world must just hang out for it......or not!!!

We had our volunteer thank you afternoon tea at school yesterday. This year it felt a little odd. I get paid to be there more than I volunteer now, but I was still 'invited'. As MrsB rightly pointed out though, I did Toastmasters with the kids and that's a pretty mammoth task. I nibbled at two little things and enjoyed a small slice of sticky date cheesecake and then chatted with some of the parents around me. And got home just after 5pm. And Go Digital has been airing the very first episodes of Bewitched at 5.3opm. Who needs dinner anyway?!

Actually...my tribe need dinner or they become very nasty people to be around. They get snappy and begin to look like they might eat each other. I know just how that feels. I get lunch at about 2pm on Monday and I am fit to eat little children by then. Watch out Prep's! So here's what we're eating this week:

Monday: Sweet & Sour Pork, Rice
Tuesday: Chicken wings, vegies
Wednesday: Warm Chicken Salad
Thursday: Lamb rissoles, salad/vegies
Friday: Roast chicken, vegies and I think a dessert....for Dh's birthday
Saturday: Chicken & rice noodle stir fry thanks to Miss Sunshine
Sunday: Frittata, salad


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, my mouth is watering reading your menu list. Yummy! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Your menu looks lovely, as always. Happy birthday to DH--nice to see he warrants a dessert!


Tracy said...

LOL ~ you're both so cute. Thank you for commenting on my menu plan!

Yes, Dh deserves dessert. Well, it will save him from eating the bread I need for school lunches tomorrow!!!!!