Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Christmas is galloping closer each day. Each day I deny the inevitability of its arrival, but I think I'm going to run into problems if I continue with my ostrich-esque behaviour!

Today after enjoying a beautiful breakfast at a cafe near church with some other church ladies (ooohhhh the guava juice...mmmmm), I popped in to Sassafras on my way home. There is a 'Gepetto's Workshop' toy store there with the most beautiful wooden toys ... the kinds of toys that last a long time, that you can't find it Kmart or Target. The prices baffle me. Some items are super expensive and others are more moderately priced for the budget concious shopper. I picked up items for two nephews and two nieces while I was there. I also ducked across the road to Tea Leaves to seek out an appropriately priced 'female' gift item for my family's gift giving exchange.

I've broken the rules regarding my extended family's guidelines. I've ditched the prescribed Op Shop idea as an impossibility. Besides my lack of time to do so, every time I've thought about finding something funny, ridiculous, crazy or horrible I am left feeling completely uninspired. Quite frankly I'm not convinced on the idea of receiving something I'll potentially hate as a deliberate act on the part of the giver. The idea goes against everything I deeply desire to do. So I stuck to the dollar limit set and found something that will delight any of the women in my family. Somewhere deep within me I find beauty in gifts that are meaningful to the recipient. Cost is always a consideration...but the thought behind it is incredibly important to me. Perhaps I link that with the ultimate gift that God gave in giving us Jesus.

Yes, I'm inclined to a little 'bah humbugging' just before Christmas....if that's what you call it when you rebel and buy something beautiful to give. Christmas shopping has begun. Five down, nine and Christmas stockings to go.


Tina said...

I love giving lovely things makes me feel all smiley inside to wrap up something nice for loved ones. :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I agree--I really enjoy buying gifts for my nieces and nephew, as well as others in my extended family. I have a SIL who would like to do away with the gift giving, but I can't bring myself to get on board or only give charity donations.

Anyway, I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Tracy said...

I knew I wouldn't be the only one. Thanks gals!