Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Dreamy Weekend

Thought I'd pop in quickly between getting home and heading out again...just in case you thought I'd fallen off the planet in the last few days. Alas, no. No planet-falling for me. Rather, Dh and I took the opportunity for some time without the children and tonight I'm off to spend some time with my girlfriends.

Another Maggie Beer recipe has been attempted. Our stuffed chicken the other night was absolutely delicious. I have some fresh stuffing in the freezer for another day, as the recipe made plenty for two chickens. This afternoon I made Roasted Capsicum Pate. Made in vintage-looking cups, one of those little pots of pate is coming with me to be enjoyed with my friends. It is not the kind of food even my wide-eating children enjoy.

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Kez said...

Oooh time without the kids! Hope you enjoyed it!