Sunday, 20 December 2009

Simple Summer Pleasures

Cherries in my fridge, straight from the orchard, at only $6/kg. This picture from is a perfect likeness. My cherries might be imperfect 'seconds', but Miss Sunshine and I are enjoying them for dessert each night. A dint here and there on the otherwise glossy red orbs are easily overlooked.

Being in a spot not far from the most amazing orchards, we have been thoroughly amazed at the sad offerings in the supermarkets, compared to the fresh produce nearby. Dh decided to compare our local Safeway's cherries with his 'imperfect' orchard-bought ones....the Safeway version are sad indeed and cost a hefty $10/kg. In fact, the man who owned the orchard Dh visited refuses to sell his cherries to Safeway. Just as well we live near the orchard!

Our first experience with this understanding was when we lived on a property with a chestnut tree in front of our house. Fresh chestnuts are plump and the skins shiny. Not so the supermarket variety. They were dull and had space between the skin and the nut. I don't like chestnuts that much, but I know if I ever take to them I'll go visit someone with a tree in their yard!

Take a trip out to the country and visit an orchard, folks. You will be treating yourself!


Rel said...

Next year, I must order some from you, from the orchard!! Yummy :)

Tracy said...

Good idea!!!!!