Monday, 14 December 2009

And Then There Were None

There is but one sleep left before the school year ends for our children and six blissful weeks of summer holiday begin. Blissful in the sense that there is no rush to arise each morning and no lunches to be made and packed before 8am. Not so blissful in the lack of structure that sees little people resorting to mischief that is not so positive.

Today has been filled with mad preparations for a little gathering to farewell a very dear member of the Primary Staff. I was thrust a project or two with a "could you just....". With no school work being done, there was no student that required my undivided attention and the computer became my workmate instead. Hurried preparations also, for tomorrow's final assembly. A little video taping which will be edited tonight, I believe. Then there is the requisite Christmas craft projects to enjoy. Classrooms which require stripping down to bare walls and cleared and cleaned surfaces. I believe one student was indulged her cleaning and sorting obsession at the teacher's stationery desk caddy.

Tomorrow will no doubt be filled with excitement aplenty


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hello! Sorry to be such an absent friend as of late--it's the holiday madness! I envy you your six-week break! I hope you have a wonderful last day of school. Don't you love those days when you don't have to make lunch?


Tracy said...

I know just how you feel Frances. It took me two days to phone my SIL back!!!!!

I do love those no-lunch-making days. I also love not having to rush the kids out the door by 8am!