Monday, 21 December 2009

The Great Cousin Sleepover

Last night began what I suspect may become an annual event that will grow in number as younger cousins become old enough. Of course it will. What other outcome could there possibly be when you have cousins come from overseas and you have your family gathering at the campsite owned by the most popular (aka the funnest) uncle?

The older cousins end up staying the night! Four little boys in one room and four little girls in the other. Alright, so some of them are not so little, and having to sleep in your clothing was no barrier to those who were gathered up in the plans throughout the day. When we left last night all the boys were tucked into bed and all grinning widely. I hope they slept. It was after 10pm after all and some of those children get rather nasty when they've not had enough sleep!

I've a little stop to make up the street before I head back out there this morning. But I smile every time I think of all those cousins enjoying as much time as they can together.

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cinnamonwhirls said...

Sounds like great fun! All the cousins will grow up remembering the fun times they shared together, wonderful stuff! :)