Wednesday, 16 December 2009

End of School Menu Plan

Life has been quite hectic the past two days. A flurry of long and busy days at school, coupled with very tired people at home has seen me in bed by 10pm. I heard disturbed mutterings by hungry children at 6.30pm on Monday that went something along the lines of being highly concerned that all the take away places in Our Town would be closed by 7.30pm. They were thinking that Dad should bring dinner home, because Mum had obviously lost all sense of the 'need to feed'. I figured, at that point, that perhaps I should ease their fears and appear to be doing something productive about their dinner!

Today we have a farewell lunch at school (between all the sorting, organising and cleaning that must be done!) for the staff who are leaving us. My contribute to the meal: chocolate balsamic pavlova filled with fresh whipped cream and topped with strawberries; and Caesar style salad. I must confess, making a pavlova last night was not the thing that I most wanted to do. Especially when it is something that can only be done after the oven is finished with for the day. However, I'm sure I'll appreciate it at lunch time!

My menu plan for this week looks like this:

Monday: Ricotta fritters, vegetables, potato
Tuesday: Homemade Pizza (a last day of school treat)
Wednesday: Baked Potatoes topped with coleslaw
Thursday: Chinese Corn Soup, prawn crackers
Friday: Pork with apple & celery, vegetables, potato
Saturday: Something fabulous for guests which is yet to be determined!
Sunday: Dh's family Christmas gathering

Today is meant to be 39C/102F, so I'm hoping our lunch will be eaten in the VCE common room, which has newly installed cooling. Thankfully, work break days have no dress code restrictions, so light, cool, sleevless tops and otherwise inappropriate footwear is the go. The kids have already asked if they can wear thongs (the footwear variety!). My answer, "Yes...thongs and strappy straps are fine", to which they cheered and hooray'd! Oh the simple joys of children LOL.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

At first I read your weather report as 32 farenheit, and thought, 'What on earth is going on there?!' Then I caught the 102F. Oh, my goodness. Hope you're staying close to the air conditioner wherever you go.

By the way, chocolate balsamic pavlova sounds amazing, and I have no idea what pavlova is. But anything that's filled with whipped cream is okay by me!


Tracy said...

The heat hasn't been as bad as I expected, Frances. Dh had our cooling on when we got home (at 5.45pm!!!!) so we're all quite happy.

You don't know what pavlova is? Really truly? Oh need some further education in your life! LOL. I will post about it.