Friday, 4 December 2009

Filled Up Friday and Tapping at 'The Tin House' Windows!

Dh asked me this morning if I was going to be at school, or at home....or what?! It was a bit more of an 'or what' answer I think. I had a cuppa this morning and had a really good chat with the Mum of one of the boys I work with. Her young lad is an absolute delight and I'm very excited that I will continue working with him next year. I asked him the other day if it was OK if I come with him to Year 4....he was very happy with that idea.

The Year 6's had a day out, swimming and shopping and relaxing after their Graduation preparation and excitement. I went down and supervised the girls while we lunched and shopped. They are the most amazing group of young ladies and again, a delight to spend time with. I feel so very blessed that Miss Mischief has such wonderful friends in her life.

* * * * * * * * * *

I went to check on a fellow blogging friend who hasn't posted for quite some time and discovered her blog is by invitation only. If anyone knows how to get a hold of Lisa at 'The Tin House' I'd love to know how she's going. I miss hearing her updates about her vegie garden and sewing or knitting projects. I would love to know how her muchkins are doing and I'd love to hear how she's going with work and home and all that entails.

Lisa...if you get to read this, post a comment!!!!


belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

I miss Lisa too. I was really quite sad when her blog went to invitation only. I hope against hope that nothing big caused it but it seemed so unexpected that it did leave me wondering for quite a while.

Kind Regards

simplelife said...

Yes I miss Lisa too, I didn't realise her blog was invitation only. I hope we hear something about how she is going.

Love your blog too Tracy even though I don't comment and don't blog myself.

cheers Kate

Tracy said...

I hope someone who is able to, mentions that Lisa is sorely missed.

Kate, thank you for commenting. It's nice to see friendly lurkers coming out of hiding every so often!!

Kez said...

I sent Lisa an email a few months ago. They're all ok - she's just got a few things going on in her life and just needed to close her blog for the moment. I miss her too!

Tracy said...

Thank you Kez! She eluded to having some big stuff going on ~ enough that I was concerned for her. If you have opportunity to do so some time soon, please let her know I'm thinking of her.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

It's so strange when blogging friends go offline. People you've come to really care about can just drop out of your life, never to be heard from again. It's dismaying. Please don't you do that!


Tracy said...

Yes...dismaying. That's exactly it.

I won't if you don'! Besides, Frances, I have your email ;)

Anonymous said...

did we ever find out what happened to Lisa?