Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It Catches Up with All of Us

OK, so maybe I'm not as old as this lady. But I've had lots of occasions in the last few weeks where I've felt like I'm catching up to her very quickly.

Today is my 19th Wedding Anniversary. Nineteen. Half my life. I don't feel old enough to have been married that long, and yet the calendar does not lie. I discovered I'm not alone. Mr Busy's 2010 teacher marked the same milestone 8 days ago. Good things happened in 1990!

Last week one of the Prep's randomly asked me how old I was. To them I'm old ~ older than most of their parents, in fact...so just said "old". One of the Year 1's whose maths is exceptional asked if I was 29. I told him that no, I had one of my babies the year I was 29. He knows all my children and I saw his cheeky little mind ticking and he came out with this gem "so, are you 350". He knew exactly what he was asking!!!! My response? A very calm "not quite".

And finally, while chatting with some of the newest and youngest teachers at school one lunch time recently, one of them said they were born in 1985. Uh oh...now I'm feeling old. I was in Year 9 that year. Ouch.

I remember when I first began working in a school before I had children that I was younger than the first-year-out-teachers. Those days are long gone. *sigh*

It's only going to get worse, isn't it?!


simplelife said...

I hear you sister, 19 years here this year too.

I'm sure everyone is getting so young, the police I see around town look so young, the teachers look so young, even the shop attendants are so young these days.

The worst bit is on the inside I feel young, it's just that others don't see me the way I feel.

Merry Christmas
cheers Kate

Tracy said...

ROFL Kate...exactly! I still feel like I'm about 20. The kids give it away, if nothing else. Having a daughter who has now pipped me for height is a huge give-away!

Debbie said...

Hi Tracy My son wedding anniversary is today 2 years, and I will be married 26 years in January. Thing is i don't feel much older than about 20-25 my kids actually but i know I am.
They say you are only as old as you feel.... but some days now I feel old.

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Good things do happen in 1990! I was born that year, haha...
Cheeky little boy. I'm writing down all my responses when they start asking ME that.
Congratulations on your anniversary! You can really be thankful for it...so many people don't stay together that long anymore. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Tracy said...

We did have a lovely, if somewhat unremarkable, day. Thank you!

We both worked, we both got home later than each of normally do, so dinner was later than normal too. Still, we ate together which doesn't always happen, and we've booked a night away together over the weekend. So pretty good.