Sunday, 7 June 2009

When Old Becomes New

My FIL has just celebrated a milestone birthday, for which his wife threw a party. We spent the afternoon chatting away with people we've not seen much of over the years. People we'd love to spend more time with, but our lives have all moved along to other places. Some not that far away and others quite a lot further. It was such a blessing to renew some very long-grounded friendships from our past. Those people form part of the rich tapestry that our lives are.

And then there were the grandchildren. Our kids are smack bang in the middle between the 'older' cousins and the 'little' cousins. Mr Busy played with the little kids ~ the next one down from him is one year younger. Our girls sat at a table with the older three. It was a great pleasure to see the five of them serving food together and then to watch them enjoying one another's company.

Last night we had some friends come up after dinner to spend the evening chatting and catching up. It seems to have been the theme for the day. A rather nice theme, worthy of our time and attention. A theme that busy lives often send to the background of our days. Perhaps that's what long weekends in the middle of winter are really for. Days when it's wintry and dull outside just beg for the bright warmth of good friendships and time spent together.


Terry said...

What a beatuiful post.
Thank you for sharing .
It is so amazing to watch the special moments in our lives knowing that no matter how much time or how many miles may part us when we come together it is as if nothing has changed between us.
Your post reminded me of this .
I often get homesick this time of year and it is nice to be reminded that family and friends will still be the same when we are all together once again.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Tracy said...

I hope you have friends around you who can lighten that load of homesickness Terry. I know what it is to grieve for what you miss. But it's good to enjoy what you have too.