Monday, 15 June 2009

D-Day Menu Planning

Ugh. I've already failed my first test! I was going to do a pot roast in the crockpot today and the piece of meat is still in the freezer. Just as well I have a plan B!

Apart from that mild little uh-oh I'm all set to go. What I mean to say is I feel as prepared as I can. The girls and I did some shopping on Saturday and have managed to replace a pair of shoes that was letting my feet get wet. Colorado, while expensive, make shoes that are really comfortable and last a long time. So I invested in a pair there and then added a couple of pairs of trousers and tops and a skirt to my sadly-lacking repertoire of clothing. I think, now, I look more like I'm meant to be there. All I'd had to wear was jeans or denim skirts...not so professional looking, really.

I also got my school name tag on Friday. It's only taken six months LOL.

So. This week is already being altered to suit my needs, menu wise.

Monday: Pork Meatloaf (remember that one I stashed in the freezer a few weeks ago?)
Tuesday: Chicken curry, brown rice
Wednesday: Fish, or that pork pot roast
Thursday: Ants Climbing Trees
Friday: Pasta and vegetable sauce
Saturday: Mrs R's Vegie Soup, garlic bread
Sunday: Chicken with honey & vinegar, vegies

The Year 3's made vegie soup last week and Mrs R put parsley in it. What a lift it gave! Mr Busy and I decided we should do that at home from now on. That reminds me. I need to replace my parsley plant which, after two years, finally went to seed. I desperately miss it!


Angela said...

I do enjoy your posts - but please tell me what are "Ants Climbing Trees"?
Please tell me you do not eat insects...
I am busy reading a "No 1 Ladies Detective Agency" book, and Botswana children catch and eat flying ants, because they apparently taste like peanut butter!
And yes, I too have planned crockpot meals, and forgotten to thaw the meatblessings
Ang x

Tracy said...

Hi Ang

If you have a peek over on my sidebar under Beyond My Picket Fence Recipes, you'll find the answers to all your questions right there. It's a simple, quick and easy recipe I do on nights when we don't have a whole lot of time. Someone pointed out to me that there's no vegetables in it. We eat plenty of vegetables so one or two nights a month when it doesn't happen isn't going to do us much harm.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Funny that it took 6 months to get your name tag--ah, life in the institution!

Isn't it fun to have an excuse for updating your wardrobe? I'm looking for one right now, as I've been feeling a bit dowdy as of late ...


Angela said...

Thank you - I checked out the recipe. it looks good and easy to prepare.
I may not tell the family what it is called till AFTER they have eaten it though!!