Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Heart Break

Normally I'm quite nonchalant about broken crockery. With three children I realise things just happen sometimes....even when they're not being silly. In this last week however, I've had two moments that ended in tears for me. Miss Sunshine is known to be a klutz and she has outdone herself with a special fine china mug from my birthday present and my butter dish lid...also a gift a year or two back from Dh.

I told Miss Sunshine this morning that if she were to continue breaking things p-l-e-a-s-e could she break some of the 12 bowls that a boring, clinical, cafe white. Anything that is not terribly special would be fine, really!

Fi, I think our conversation on Sunday was a tad premature. I believe Miss Sunshine may be on a mission to keep up with you guys! I feel your pain far more accutely now :)


Rel said...

Unlike Fi's lovely lot, we have somehow avoided many breakages but one of the few was a hand blown "genie bottle" (not sure how else to describe it) that I received from my folk's trip to Israel many years ago. Sigh - that hurt!

Angela said...

Sitting here looking at a china money box on the shelf beside me, held together with glue - a gift from a childhood friend in 1964 - and when it got smashed, my Dad lovingly put it together again for me. It isn't the same as it was - but it reminds me that unlike smashed china [which often has to be discarded if it is a mug or bowl] our Heavenly Father can rebuild broken lives and make them even better than before.
Your post reminded me of my dad's patience, and my Father's grace - thanks for that!!
blessings x

Kez said...

I know how you feel. Billy broke a little bud vase (accidentally) a couple of years ago that was a 21st b'day present from my gradnmother who is no longer with us. Devastating :(

Crunchie's Mum said...

My mother kept my china Bunnykins baby cup. It survived my childhood intact but she recently cleaned up, found the cup and gave it to me. I had it for a short time and I broke it. Luckily it was me that did the deed so there is no one to else to blame. It broke cleanly it two so I glued it back together. It still looks good but it can't be used.


Tracy said...

Thank you ladies. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my little journey with grief. I know 'stuff' isn't meant to be that important. I think what was more important is that the gifts were not only things I loved but represented people who have gone out of their way to find something that would thrill my heart.

fi said...

I feel for you, Tracy!!! I am thinking that 'don't anyone touch this' rule, you and I talked about, is looking really good, LOL!