Friday, 26 June 2009

Half Year Report

The second term has finished with a flourish of fun and excitement. One of Miss Sunshine's teachers has left the school to seek adventures in other arenas, sadly for us. And I've enjoyed a lovely day with a friend over a delicious lunch and cherished some adult conversation without children interrupting. I know that's going to be thin around here for the next two weeks...and then I will go back to work while the kids frolic just a little longer.

I picked up the kid's half yearly reports this morning and was suitably impressed with their outstanding achievements. Importantly to me, even when their academic result could have been better, I can see they have tried their hardest...which is all I really want to see from them. I just want to know that no matter what the outcome they've done their best. And they have. All three of them. I do believe I have been successful on one of my parental goals!!!! Having worked in a school office before having children, I never wanted to be the parent of the kids that no staff member wanted to have in their class. Rather, I've three children that teachers love to have. Responsible, hard-working, bright, sparkly and a pleasure to teach. Every parent loves to hear that!!!!!

It was then, slightly mystifying to read that one of Miss Sunshine's results lacked the shine of all the others. One stood out with an appearance, on the surface, of having not tried and not done well. A subject that has been quite within her realm of understanding all through her primary years. Dh and I will be speaking to the Head of Secondary to alert her of the issue and what we believe to be the heart of it. With another child following into Secondary next year we're not prepared for this to be a pattern. Miss Mischief can't afford a bad year in this particular subject.


Pom Pom said...

Hi Tracy!
This is my first visit to your blog. I'll be visiting from now on.
I hope Miss Mischief can attend to her challenging subject. As a teacher, I believe it is very important to tackle struggles as soon as they become evident. It sounds as if she has wonderful parents!
I was in Australia (just Sydney, really) last year. I adored it. I have heard that Victoria is extra amazing. My husband is headed down your way next week, with a trip to N.Z. as well. Happy day!

Angela said...

Sounds like your kids are doing OK at school. And well done for winning the pattern from Tina's blog! Why not make ALL the girls in your GB company a Jane Austen Dress whilst you are at it??!!Good to see that I am not the only nutcase who is already planning for Christmas.

blessings x

Tracy said...

Welcome PomPom. Miss Mischief is always very diligent about the things she finds difficult and has worked hard through the years to improve. On the other hand, Miss Sunshine will need to find that same sense of diligence and go out of her way to get the help she requires. One of the pluses of secondary school I guess.

LOL Angela. There are about 50 girls in our Company. I'll be flat out making just one for Mischief!