Thursday, 25 June 2009

Six Months Today

Did you know that in exactly six months it will be Christmas? Yep, I was surprised and dismayed too.

And why, you ask, am I torturing you with this snippet of trivial information? Because my daughter's Girls Brigade Company is torturing me and I'm a sharing caring type, so I thought I'd share the love a little. Tonight they're having a fun and games night and parents need to arrive early to share supper (a snack after dinner, in Australia) with the girls. Sort of a Christmas in July thing, a month early. It's also fundraising for their Company camp later in the year.

This also serves as a reminder that I need to tackle my family regarding our current gift giving practices and make some that we all get one thing, rather than only the kids getting everything. I really missed buying for grown up's last year.

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Anonymous said...

Is it really 6 months til Christmas? Wow!

Come on over to my blog for a nice surprise! :)