Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Looking Forward To...

It's that middle of the week thing ... you know, on the downhill slope to the weekend and, for us, school holidays. My weekends begin on Friday's now, as that is my day off. So...I'm all set to get started on things to look forward to right away LOL:
  • Lunch at a local eatery with a school friend on Friday
  • Sewing day just down the road for the w-h-o-l-e day on Saturday
  • Going to see 'The Proposal' with my favourite group of girlfriends on Sunday.
How does that sound like covering the mind, body and spirit bases quite extensively?! And speaking of my favourite group of girlfriends, the picture above looks like just the thing we ought to plan to do ;o) The only thing(s) missing from the picture is the cheese platter, books and our preferred craft activity....and maybe the pile of DVD's we want to watch.


Rel said...

Aren't I glad you are part of my favourite group of girlfriends?!

Can't wait for Sunday and making plans for putting ourselves in that picture!!

The Tin House said...


It was a lovely surprise to see your comment on my sad, forlorn and neglected blog!

You're absolutely right on all counts. I've been working very diligently to have my grading papers done by tomorrow. They won't be entirely complete as I have two outstanding assignments from masters students, but I know when to expect them. I've been knocked around a little bit this semester by the workload which is less than last year, but for some reason I've found it harder going.

And the biggest news of all: tomorrow at about lunchtime I will pass gracefully (one hopes) from my thirties, to my forties. Ouch. The blow will be softened by lunch at a wonderful French restaurant with some of my favourite girlfriends. It won't have the view you have in the photo, but I'll still love it all the same.

The garden is in hibernation mode at present, neither of us really having any time at all to dally. We have some peas and broccoli but not much else.

The boys are growing and changing, as children do. We've decided to move Yr3 boy to a different school and this has also taken up immense emotional energy. I'm sure my parents never worried so much about our education!

Enough blather. It might sound trite, but I have missed my bloggy mates these last few months. I really have.

Lisa x

Tracy said...

Me too Rel, me too.

LISA!! Good to hear from you! I'm sure you're right. My parents certainly never seemed to think terribly hard about our education either...I'm sure the events precipitating the change have been difficult. I hope the new school is everything you all hope and need it to be for him.