Thursday, 18 June 2009

Germ Warfare

I'm sure most of the world has, by now, heard that Melbourne is the Swine Flu captial of the Global Community at large. I'm here to tell you Swine Flu has nothing on a classroom full of Preppy's!

Prep is our first year of school here in Victoria. The children are generally 5yo and turn 6 sometime during the year. So far this week (and I've only had 3 days in there) I feel like I've been inundated with puke, snot and poo. Ok, so inundated is perhaps a little extreme. But you know, one of each in three days is pretty big when you've gotten used to kids who can get themselves to the loo in time and blow their own noses without being reminded to do so!

I'd quite forgotten how gross little kids can really be once you get past the cute little exterior!

I'm not a proponent of hand sanitisers and antibacterial room sprays usually. However, I'm starting to think that a big can of Glen 20 sprayed through the room at recess, lunch and the end of the day might not be so bad. And maybe hand sanitisers do have a place in the world after all.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm not a fan of hand sanitizers either, but when the swine flu started up, I put a bottle in all the bathrooms. At the boys' school they're required to bring Purell as part of their school supplies!

Good luck staying well!


Tracy said...

Your Fine School would find a rebel parent in me. Us girls have skin problems already and those things just make it worse when used regularly. We don't even use soap for handwashing at home, let alone the hard core stuff!

belinda said...

Ah yes,
The worst time I have ever been sick in my life was when my boss came to work still sick from his daughters latest Kinder virus.

I was standing in the server room at work changing backup tapes when I registered the fact I could really feel the heat radiating from the servers. Having worked there for about a month at that stage and having done at least one bout of tape duty already told me that meant I was running one heck of a temperature.

Kind Regards

flowergirl73 said...

Giggle. I work in a government department and they have put alcohol hand wipes in all the bathrooms! On the upside, we have been encouraged to go home if we think we have a flu (I wonder if that is now going to change). I have a friend who is a kindergarten teacher, she had me in stiches explaining how she found a little round brown object under a child's desk and realised it was a poo. She then had to clean it up and discreetly work out which child had had an accident, and get them to the office for a change of clothes without humiliating them. This is why teaching is not my calling. :)

Jodie said...

Eeewwwwhhh, hope it wasn't my girl who had the poo!!!!

Tracy said...

LOL Jodie. Trust me, you'd know!

Flowergirl, I feel for that teacher. It'd be interesting hearing how she figured it out!