Monday, 30 June 2008

Monday's Menus and other Mayhem

We have thus far survived our first day of holidays...thanks to the Dentist. We've been using the school dental service for a number of years now and when we had to return for follow up work today was the best pick. We've had three hours there....two fissure seals, one repair job, one filling...and will need to return for another set of fissure seals. Oh yes, we just looooove the dentist. Actually, it's the boredom we don't love. The two sets of dental students we've seen these past two visits have both been lovely and done their job well. I have dim sims steaming as a special treat to reward my children for their good behaviour.

So what are we eating this week?

Monday: Roast lamb & vegies
Tuesday: Lamb & Veg Soup, homemade dinner rolls
Wednesday: Ricotta Gnocchi with tomato pest sauce
Thursday: Ratatoullie & cheesy polenta
Friday: Chicken Curry, carrots, broccoli, brown rice
Saturday: Homemade Pizza
Sunday: Roast Chicken vegies

None of our regularly scheduled meals happened yesterday. Thanks to me we were locked out of our house for the afternoon, having left the house keys in a bag that I returned to Rel at church. They happily went on their way to an inner city suburb for the arvo. We inflicted ourselves on some good friends who are quite relaxed about spontaneous happenings. We had a lovely time together and I am very grateful for their hospitality!


Deeny said...

I love your meal plans. I am so far behind to day I haven't made menus yet. I love Lamb but we usually only have it around Easter. It goes on sale then. it is very expensive here. I am always afraid of locking myself out. i clip my keys to me. If i don't I will set them down somewhere and not be able to find them. Glad you had a great spontaneous afternoon. Deeny :-)

Tracy said...

Lamb isn't cheap here anymore either Deeny. But the roast was marked down. And today, I'll choose a really cheap cut for the soup. I'll also be able to get away with just a little!

Rel said...

Ah, yes...the inner city where we go every Sunday to dine!!!!! YOu did pick the only time, didn't you - hehe!

Tracy said...

Of course. And boy did I feel like a complete DILL!

Never mind. The day was not a complete shamozal!