Sunday, 29 June 2008


I have this sneaking suspicion that there will be some significant retraining happening beyond my picket fence, for the next three weeks.

You see, my children are extroverts. Heaven forbid that we should be content to be with ourselves and enjoy our own company without any help from other people! I threatened them yesterday with the notion that perhaps we should go nowhere and do nothing so that they learn to entertain themselves and enjoy the slower pace that holidays provide us with!

Poor Mr Busy seems to be the only one who may be happy to just play with his sisters. When he begged Miss Mischief to come and play 'offices' with him she said "No! I'm tired of playing boy things" (ok, that's news to me. I thought that was a generic kids game!) he said "OK, let's play a girls game", to which she responded in exasperation "What would YOU know about girl games, you're a BOY". Poor little man! He tried so hard to be accommodating.

Oh to have children that revel in being at home!


fmll said...

And here I was thinking that "office" was more a girls game! I remember playing it when I was little.. See, you do learn something new each day! :)

Tracy said...

LOL. I guess Mr Busy sees Daddy & Pa working in an office together and it never occurred to him that it was a girls game.

Course, having no brothers and two sisters, he's always been quite happy to play whatever is going regardless of gender stuff. He's just happy to play!

The Tin House said...

Oh yes Tracy, I have a Mr Busy who tries so very hard to accommodate his exasperated and impatient older brother. I hope he doesn't stop trying to keep their friendship alive!

Our holidays begin here on Friday. I must plan some activities. The think I dislike about the holidays is the constant messy crafting that goes on. My recycling bin gets upended. The sticky tape invariably goes missing. There's random gluey spots all over the table. And no one seems to know how to clean up without being yelled at.

The up side is I get to play football, soccer, cricket, kicks, tennis and all other games with them outside.

Lisa x

Tracy said...

Our kids have their own glue sticks, and my sticky tape is off limits! Actually, they don't spend so much time crafting as they do just causing a ruckus in between some really good quality playing of imaginary games.

Being the extroverts that they are they enjoy a couple of hours out and about. Today we're going to play at a friend's place. They get bored easily too!!!!