Monday, 9 June 2008

Menu Planning Monday


"What's for dinner Muuuummmm?" No one's asked yet, but I promise it will come! We have a public holiday today to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. Say what you will about the monarchy vs being a republic...I'm enjoying the opportunity to have a day off in the middle of a very long school term. There will be lots of relaxing and baking happening beyond my picket fence today!

When my kids do ask what's for dinner they will be VERY excited! They love today's meal.

Monday: Tuna & Rice Casserole
Tuesday: Honey mustard chicken pieces, brown rice, steamed vegies
Wednesday: Vegie Rolls, potato wedges, vegetables au gratin
Thursday: Creamy mushroom & bacon pasta
Friday: Crumbed lamb chops with cranberry sauce
Saturday: Singapore Noodles
Sunday: Chinese corn soup...perhaps with wontons or prawn crackers...something!

For those who requested, the Dutch Apple Cake recipe is posted after this post. I will post the Apple Slice recipe later on today.

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