Friday, 27 June 2008

More from Mr Busy

I've got the "blah's". You come home and you've got any number of things you could do, but you can't be bothered doing any of them? Like, if someone phoned and said "come and do xyz with me" you'd jump at the chance? Yeah...that's where I'm at!

So, rather than bore anyone with details, I thought I'd post another little conversation with my entertaining son. This is what goes through the mind of an 8yo boy before he's even had a moment to engage his brain when his Mum wakes him up:

Me: Come on mate, time to wake up.
Mr Busy: Mum, my eyes have run away.
Me: Really? Where have they gone?
Mr Busy: I don't know, but I can't go to school without them.
Me: Yeah, you're gonna have a tough day if you can't see where you're running.
Mr Busy: I'll have to stay home.
Me: I think not. You'll have to use a white cane that the blind people use.
Mr Busy: humph

This boy just never ceases to amaze me. I mean really, who else would come up with such an elaborate tale within 3 seconds of being woken up from a dead sleep????? As it happened, he went off to school very happily and had a wonderful day!


Tina said...

LOL! Kids say the most hilarious things! My son used to try all sorts of excuses not to go to school, but this is the best one I've heard yet! "My eyes have run away"...priceless!

Love, Tina :)

molly said...

LOL, just too funny! It's moments like those you treasure forever.....they also make great 21st birthday stories LOL


Tracy said...

LOL, He is nothing if not entertaining!! None of the rest of us could come up with that without some serious thought.