Monday, 2 June 2008

It's Monday ... you know what that means!


Yes, it's Monday, again! I'm feeling very slow today, having not yet recovered from Saturday night's frivolity. I managed to make it through the morning with Mr Busy's class. I was kept busy helping the kids with spelling words whilst his teacher finished up some one on one testing with a couple of kids. That queue never seemed to get shorter LOL.

Anyway, in the midst of having people around all weekend and being out and about this morning I have managed to put together a menu plan for this week. Amazing!

Monday: Baked Herb Ricotta, potato wedges, steamed vegies
Tuesday: Lamb rissoles (rosemary & garlic), vegies
Wednesday: Lamb Roast, roasted & steamed vegies
Thursday: Honey Soy Chicken, brown rice, stir fried vegies
Friday: Frozen fish, wedges
Saturday: Gnocchi with a tomato sauce
Sunday: Tomato & Red Capsicum Soup


Tina said...

Tracy, your menus are always so scrummy!

Love, Tina :)

Tracy said...

Thanks Tina!