Saturday, 21 June 2008


Yesterday I completed my first parenting course, as facilitator. Oh there is something very satisfying about getting through sick sick Mum. We all stayed healthy and I didn't have to deal with that little curve ball. Dh has been a little unwell...but he can care for himself!

It went the way I envisioned each week. The ladies who participated were fantastic and the feedback I've heard over the month has been very positive, in terms of the way they are applying things they're learning. I felt very encouraged by the feedback on the facilitator evaluation forms. Interestingly their only 'improvement' was to say they wanted Dad's to be involved in it. Interesting because it was these same women who said they didn't want to come out at night and a day time thing would've been better. Hmmmmmm.

I went straight from that to an excursion with Mr Busy's class (because us Mum's are crazy and we just aren't busy enough already!). I was telling our Prep teacher about it and she was very interested, given that it aims at families with 0-4yo's, and she bares the brunt of less-than-wonderful parenting! In fact she has considered going in and spending some time with the mum's who are involved in our 3-5yo program and so was very excited to learn that there is a parenting course for parents of littlies! I've given her some information to look through over the weekend, and she has encouraged me to approach the Principal with the proposal of offering it to families with young children in our community. The ethos of our school lends itself really well to doing these things. So we'll see where it goes.

For right now, I'm just glad to go back to a dull-roar in life, rather than being flat out! And I'm looking forward to the end of Term 2. Three weeks holiday stretch before us after next week and I can't wait!

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The Tin House said...

Tracy - I'm with you girl - the dull roar is all you need most of the time! Lisa x