Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hectic Days and Pre-Schoolers

Do you ever have days, or indeed weeks, where you feel like no matter how fast you run, you just can't keep up? I thought having a public holiday on Monday would set the week up and things would be easier to move through. I couldn't have been more wrong, and yet, the hectic pace has been filled with many blessings!

On Tuesday while I was waiting to see the dentist my SIL phoned me. Her church was having a women's evening that night and she wanted to invite me along. Oh. My. Goodness. It was beautiful and uplifting. The room was filled with tables covered in white cloths, with a square platter in the centre of each, and scattered with rose petals and a single fat candle. The lighting was gentle. They had tea & coffee with biscuits (cookies) when we arrived and then they brought out some hot savouries as well. The walls were decorated with simple draped fabrics that were all colour coordinated, and fairy lights about the place. A couple of ladies performed to music, showing us a picture of how God pursues us, how we run away and the transformation that happens when we surrender.

Two ladies spoke. They were not professional speakers....but they were genuine and honest. They shared a little of their journey and a little about Esther in the Bible. I came away from that evening feeling blessed and refilled. The caper that went on to get my children and their dinner to my SIL's so that my BIL could have the kids for the evening was more than worth it, and I'm glad I said yes!!!

The last two days have begun VCE exams at school. One of my good friends is the chief supervisor at our school, and so I have been catapulted back into the life of a pre-school routine. I have picked her son up and brought him home to my place where he has enjoyed watching ABC Kids and having tickle fights. My dh has popped in for lunch both days and so dh has taught young Master C to growl his best growl! I had quite forgotten what it is like to have young children at home through the day, but he is such a beautiful little boy and we've enjoyed our time together. He got into my car yesterday with quite a plan of exactly what he wanted to do when he arrived....have a drink, eat his lunch....and watch ABC Kids!!!!! Now that, I can handle!

In amongst all this I have also been preparing for this week's session of the parenting course I'm facilitating. I have yet to prepare a couple of activities, but will do that this evening. I can do what I need to while watching TV, so it won't be a problem. I just hate that I've left it to the last minute. Unfortunately there was no way around it. I didn't want to be having the laminator going with Master C here. He was so enthralled with the pasta machine that I decided it would be best to leave the hot tasks to some other time!

I have also managed to finish my book for Book Club tomorrow night. I didn't think I'd make it but I have done so with plenty of time to spare. I had prayed that God would help me get through everything this week, and He has superseded my request by a long sight! The book was absolutely fabulous. But then Rel's taste is always impeccable, so I never imagine that I won't enjoy the designated book. I've not been disappointed yet....I have been stretch here and there, but that's always a good thing! I will post a review after I've been to chat about it.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

We have just started summer vacation here in the States, but this post reminds me of my life in May, before the end of school, where there were so many meetings, events and occasions, I thought I'd go nuts, but somehow I muddled through with sanity in tact.

Lovely blog! I'm glad I found it.