Monday, 23 June 2008

Monday's Menu


This week brings with it the end of our Term 2. I think we're all ready for it: kids, parents and teachers. My menu reflects that desire for the end....I was after quick, simple, easy and light. I'm saving my more time consuming preparation recipes for next month when we get the first three weeks off.

Monday: Vegetable Lasagna (didn't do it last week!)
Tuesday: Roast chicken, vegies
Wednesday: Moussaka, steamed vegies
Thursday: Pasta with creamy bacon & mushroom sauce
Friday: Lionshead Meatballs, stir fried vegies, brown rice
Saturday: Out for dinner
Sunday: Chicken Noodle Soup


Tracy said...

Would you like to share the recipe for the Pasta with creamy bacon and mushroom sauce?

Bobbie said...

Simple menus are always the best ones especially when it is summer and HOT HOT HOT out!

Tracy said...

Tracy, the recipe is here:
There is a link from my sidebar, if that one doesn't work.

Bobbie, Welcome! I know exactly how you feel. I hate cooking in summer. By the time our summer rolls around you'll see how little cooking I do!!!!