Monday, 16 June 2008

M - Day: Menus on Monday


My word, what a day! As I ran out the door this morning I thought to grab a light lunch. Just as well I did. MrBusy's teacher asked me 2 weeks ago to bring in my sewing machine because she wanted to have the kids having a little go. She brought hers in it was set to be a busy day. I remembered that the Prep-2's have PE together and the 1/2's have art through the middle of the day. I'm glad I had my lunch. I did stay all day and I was busy for all of it! Had I thought about it earlier in my day before leaving for school I would've popped on here and posted my menu. Ah can't have it all, all at the same time, can you?!

This week Beyond My Picket Fence, we will be having:

Monday: Spinach & Feta Pie, vegies
Tuesday: CP Apricot Chicken, scallop potatoes, carrots, beans
Wednesday: Pork & Apple Meatloaf, vegies
Thursday: Wraps ~ chicken, tomato, lettuce, cheese, sour cream
Friday: Lamb & Veg Soup (CP)
Saturday: Vegetable Lasagna
Sunday: Wonton Soup

Heather, I will post a recipe for Moussaka this week sometime. It really is very simple and after watching 'The Cook and The Chef' on ABC1 a few weeks back I learned a trick to make it a little quicker too.


Anonymous said...

Yummy menu again Tracy! Mmm-mmm!

Love, Tina :)

Erica @ Cook Quick Easy Recipes said...

Nice menu. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week :)

Anonymous said...

Wonton soup sounds delicious...if only it weren't blazing hot outside.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I must have lost count of where I stopped looking yesterday. Anyway, I reread my comment and it kind of sounds rude. :P I should have put a :( or a /sigh at the end. Anyway, I'll quit rambling now.

Tracy said...

Kamailesfood, summer heat can melt the brain ~ I understand that completely!!!!!