Wednesday, 2 July 2008

How did I miss that?

I've just realised it's Wednesday and I didn't post yesterday? Now how did that happen? I think holidays have already mushed my brain to nothingness! We began the morning without electricity. It has been raining and we've had gale force winds, so of course the power went out! That's what happens when you have overhead lines and tall gum trees together. Later on in the morning I prepared some nibbles and we then spent most of the day with a friend and her kids and a couple of others. The kids had fun....we had a good chat. Then I shopped on the way home! Not the best timing, but I had to take advantage of being near Aldi, didn't I?!

I don't know about you, but when school holidays come I tend to get the urge to get my house back in order. To anyone walking in, they may not notice, but I do. So what's on the winter mid-year break to-do list beyond my picket fence?

Floors ~ vacuum and mop throughout. When I say that, I mean get out the little attachment and get into the corners and do a proper clean, not just a quick whip around. Put the furniture up, shake out the mats, clean off the little pads on the bottoms of the chairs etc.

Clean up and clean out the laundry. How on earth are clothes meant to get clean when there is so much mud traipsed into that little corner of the house? I tossed all the old worn out shoes already, and now I need to get into those corners again. Perhaps in doing that, I should look into getting the upright deep freezer repaired?!

Bedrooms. Mine is nice and sparkly now. Two of the kids need to get in and get rid of the junk and clean up properly.

Clean the bathrooms. The kids are pretty good, but I want it Mummy-clean. Ya know, getting UNDER the claw foot bathtub...not just around it!

Prune the rose bushes. July is the time to do that down under. I might do that this arvo if it's still sunny and not so windy that I get blown away!

Weed the herb garden. There are some prickly little evil things in there right now that need to go.

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