Wednesday, 2 July 2008

One More on The List

I've just discovered another thing to be dealt with.



I thought I'd just better check...just in case... We have hair appointments next week and they won't cut the hair if the kids have lice. I don't want Miss Sunshine, particularly, to miss having her hair cut...she needs it. Just as well I checked. I'm surprised she wasn't itchy at all!

I've combed through the girls, checked Mr Busy and emailed the school. I guess we'll be combing twice a day for the next 10 days....and beyond!


Vickie said...

ohh Tracy, icky cack I remember them days with dealing with head lice grrr..but hey at least when my kids were at school in victoria the local council's provided lice treatment lotion for free.And the teachers were also allowed to check the students hair, and a not was immmediately sent home informing parents that certain classes had casses of headlice.When we moved to QLD-it was a lot different -if you discovered your child had lice you had too pay for it all and then you had to use word of mouth to say that head lice was around,it was not permitted to be published in the newsletter-nor did it warant a note...In the end my daughter would just comb conditioner thru her haior as it left a skight film that was hard for lice to latch on too,hope you can rid all of them blighters
cheers Vickie

Tracy said...

These days Victoria has changed too. It's up to parents. I think if the schools were allowed to take responsibility for getting the kids treated it wouldn't be such an issue.

We just comb...and comb...and comb.

The Tin House said...

We had a shocking run here last year but have managed to keep the little blighters away in 2008 (fingers crossed). The school principal recommended me a spray product called "wild child" which you can buy in woollies. It's a blend of oils and you spray it on kids hair as a preventive measure. I've had the one bottle since February and, given the lack of infestations, would say the $14 cost was worth it. (the shampoo treatments cost a bomb don't they!)
Lisa x

Terri said...

Tracy, I'm sorry! Lice can be such nasty things to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, I used lavender oil in a water spray bottle. The kids sprayed it on their hair each day before school, doesn't make the hair greasy (you only use about 2ml in about 500mls water) but it certainly kept the lice at bay, my 2 never had them despite some severe infections in their classes over the years.


Tracy said...

I've tried all those things before to no avail. It seems that Miss Sunshine is particularly yummy to the little buggies. Miss Mischief rarely gets them, compared to Miss Sunshine.

I've told the girls we're instituting a once a week head lice comb through once we've gotten rid of them now. I'm not having them around here with such a vengeance.

Anonymous said...

We have had the dreaded lice this week too. I have avoided it all year until now even though I know that other kids at school have had them. I now have a case of imaginary lica and started scratching as soon as I read your post.

Tracy said...

LOL, I often run a lice comb through my hair because I just always have an itchy scalp!!!!

Fi said...

We were just talking about the horrid little things the other day, lol! So sorry the kids have them. I am scratching at the thought of it.

I really feel for you!!!

Rel said...

Me too - Just H had them two weeks ago and I believe they are gone after multiple treatments!

Tracy said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one...not because I'm glad other people have the same problem...just that others know how I feel.

I think once we get rid of Miss Sunshine's, Miss Mischief will also get rid of them quickly. They don't like her so much ~ different blood type, thicker hair strands etc.