Sunday, 20 July 2008

It's Funny How Things Work

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One of the things this particular woman cannot multi-task in, is singing whilst playing the piano. I just can't. I start to put my fingers in the wrong spot and lose my place in the music. It just ends up a very sorry mess. Unless of course what I'm playing is sooooo basic that I can't muck it up. There ya go...Rel & Fi, if you're ever inclined to watch, now you know my little idiosyncrasy!

So this morning I was playing away quite happily (in church), kinda humming because mucking up with 200 people hearing it, really isn't what you want to be doing. We start a new song and I get this tap on my back. "Trac, he's playing the wrong key". The guitarist who did the intro forgot to move his capo and I can't transpose to save myself, let alone the fact I had no idea what key he was playing in! You know what? I got to sing instead of play. A rare thing when it's my turn to play!


Terri said...

That's okay, Tracy, I can't play when *anyone* else is singing! I guess that's why they don't ask me to play in church. LOL!

April said...

Tracey, you have just lived out my nightmare! I led praise and worship in our last church for just over two years, and there was one Sunday where we had three guitars playing (including my own), and I'm not sure any of us were in the same key!!! I think we were all playing the same notes, but had not tuned together. I'm here to tell you, I was embarrassed - yes, mortified!!! I actually stopped a few bars in and put my guitar back in the stand and just stuck to singing too! LOL! Thanks for sharing this!
April :0)

Tracy said...

Oh dear Terri...that could be disastrous! It's good when we know our own strengths and weakness!

LOL April. I have been known to start and introduction playing two different keys ~ one for each hand. I just stopped, apologised...they laughed....and started again.

Talk about wanting to be swallowed into a hole in the floor!

Fi said...

LOL!!! Don't worry Tracy, idiosyncrasies are what make us all interesting!