Sunday, 27 July 2008

Wonderful Weekends

Yesterday was lovely and sunny in the morning. What wonderful weather for our Prep Open Day at school. The Year 5 & 6's were asked to do the sausage sizzle, so the girls and I went and helped with that. And then the kids played while parents and teachers chatted together between visitors coming to see the school. It really was a great morning.

Today is overcast and and drizzly. Perfect for watching 'Anne of Green Gables'. Perfect for sitting near a heater vent at church. Mr Busy's seat choice couldn't have been better! This morning we had a lady speak, telling us of her story of being healed and how God has worked in her life. She reminded me that the journey or process is just as important as the end result. That faith is not just the goal at the end, but how we live here and now.


Rel said...

She was very interesting, wasn't she Trac?

We had my sister and family back for lunch. She had a wonderful response from the church with all the boxes being taken :)

Tracy said...

See, I didn't even make it down to get a box! I'm glad the response was so fantastic. It flitted through my mind that this is something we could do at school too. Especially since the Year 7-9's have just had Creative Arts week and focused on Fair Trade and third world issues.

Tracy said...

We spent Sunday snuggled up watching AofGG and also the sequel. Perfect weather for it.

Tracy said...

How's your back Tracy? That's 6 hours of movie watching there!!!!!

I agree though. Perfect winter weather for some wholesome family friendly viewing.